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Vertical Greening

Meimao Garden is made up of industrially-produced and flexible multilayer modules that are connected to a metallic framework fixed to a supporting wall.

Featured plants are placed into your vertical garden and nurtured by these high-quality modules to ensure their aesthetic appeal and full growth development in any urban environment.

At Meimao Garden, the living walls we plan, deliver and maintain are customisable to fit your specific project needs. With our Living Wall System, the healthy growth of plants even within small urban spaces has become possible. Both commercial and industrial buildings can now grow their way to a greener, more visually appealing and more sustainable city.

Optimal balance of Water + Airflow + Nutrition creates healthier conditions for the roots of the plant

1 Waterproof Layer

Can be installed with a nail gun or fixed directly to the concrete wall with expansion screws

2 Irrigation Layer

Use the steel frame to assist installation to the non-solid wall and directly put the inner cup

3 Breathable layer

No tools are required, just put the planting cup into the planting box. It is recommended to place the plant branches and leaves at the bottom as a foil, or you can match it according to your needs.

4 Breathable layer

Set the irrigation time and water volume according to customer needs, without manual watering, and realize automatic service

5 Breathable layer

The pattern of the honeycomb planting box is simple and can be designed and constructed according to your requirements, creating an urban garden based on the concept of "people-oriented"

Key benefits of Meimao Garden

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What to expect when specifying Meimao Garden?

Technical Documentation

From installation to maintenance requirements,Meimao Garden is at your service to help you educate all stakeholders about living wall systems and the benefits they offer everyone.

Supply of the Living Wall System

All products pass strict quality inspection, we give you access to quality green living walls to make your vertical garden a success.

Sunlight and Lighting Studio

To obtain excellent results from Meimao Garden’s living walls, we consider all crucial aspects like sunlight and lighting to achieve the best result.

Detailed Cost Estimate

We ensure that only the most suitable living wall solution is provided for your project. Our detailed cost estimate will enable you to align this with your budget.

Landscape and Plant Design

We assist you in choosing the right landscape design for your living wall system, including plant species that will best suit your green space


Meimao Garden is here to assist you with your site needs, technical installation requirements and all throughout the maintenance process.

Vertical Greening

Meimao Garden is made up of industrially-produced and flexible multilayer modules that are connected to a me...

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Meimao Garden create healthy vertical gardens in urban infrastructures, making cities more visually appealing, sustainable and liveable for all.

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