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Vertical greening plant wall construction: construction steps and design concepts

vertical greening plant wall construction: In order to make the living space environment better, many families will consider designing and makingvertical greening walls. vertical greening is to make full use of site conditions and select suitable plants to attach to the building facade. Today, this form of gardening has been widely used in overpasses, building walls, slopes, enclosures and other fields, just to make full use of space, increase green area, and improve the living environment.

1. How to construct the vertical greening plant wall

1. A good design must be the overall design of the entire house. You can't think about the design while decorating, and avoid a lot of rework.

2. Determine the location and size of the green background wall according to the size of the living room and personal information preferences. If we are unable to determine the company, we can first examine the decoration design effect of other people's homes and then determine the TV background wall of our own home.

3. The development of the style of the greening background wall requires us to follow the decoration style of the entire house of the company, so as not to make the impact appear abrupt.

4. After affirming the style of the green background wall, first deal with the problem of a relatively flat wall environment.

5. Plan the location of power sockets, network cables, and cable TV sockets, wiring and buried pipes.

2. Indoor vertical greening and how to control the proportion

The control of indoor vertical greening ratio is a very complicated problem. There should be a good proportional relationship between greening and indoor architecture, greening and interior decoration, and greening and greening. Indoor decoration items including size, color, shape, etc. can be appropriately proportioned. Different green proportions can change the effect of green design and change the image of the entire indoor space. In the same space, the greening effect is also different due to the different proportions of the three-dimensional scale. For example, tall greening can make the space look smaller than it actually is, while low green lakes just want to reverse and magnify the effect of the space. When configuring the indoor vertical greening display, the green size must be selected reasonably according to the functional requirements, so that it has a suitable sense of spatial scale.