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Garden landscape construction skills: how to maintain the plant wall later?

1. Equipment debugging

For the artificial debugging of plant wall equipment, on the one hand, we need to set and adjust the parameters according to the seasonality and the actual growth of the wall plants, such as: humidity sensing value, management mode, etc.; on the other hand, we need to carry out the equipment Regular inspection and maintenance are the same as our car maintenance. Of course, the frequency does not need to be too high. The inspection content mainly includes the stability of the fixed structure, the unblocked condition of the waterway, the sanitary cleaning of the tank of the plant box and the unblocked condition of the drainage outlet, and the cleaning of the water tank. Whether the circuit is aging, etc.;

Second, human management

The intelligence of the equipment has saved me from tedious maintenance work such as watering, ventilation, and light supplementation, but in order to have a better overall wall effect, it is necessary to perform the following tasks:

Dwarfing and pruning: With the growth of plants, the density of the plant wall gradually increases, so if you need moderate dwarfing and pruning, use a low-concentration dwarfing agent. "Do not cut inside" principle is enough, cut off yellow leaves, old leaves, diseased leaves and long branches;

Sterilization: Since plant walls are mostly used in indoor living environments, we must adhere to the principle of "prevention first, combined prevention and control" in this regard, and focus on "prevention" for pests and diseases. The main measures are to maintain environmental sanitation on the one hand. The breeding of pests and diseases; on the other hand, you can use ecological pesticides such as tobacco water to kill insects, garlic juice to kill insects and sterilization, and you can use odorless, low-toxic ecological pesticides to sterilize. Plant sterilization is particularly important!

Fertilizer supplementation: In order to make the plant wall grow better, we can carry out functional fertilizer supplementation, such as promoting roots, prolonging the flowering period, and promoting growth.