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What value does the green plant wall have in the indoor application?

The plant wall is a wall made of green plants. It not only has the function of separating internal and external spaces, but also has lush colors, giving people a sense of comfort and beauty. According to different environmental requirements, the indoor plant wall is designed with different shapes, heights and lows, and a harmonious environment. After careful cultivation and trimming, it is decorated with wall ceiling lamps. The wall is trimmed with beautiful patterns to make the plant wall more It looks beautiful.

1. Plant wall-a garden on a concrete wall

The plant wall allows people to build a living environment closer to nature. Because it gets rid of the restriction of soil conditions, this system that supports plant growth is very light, so it can be easily installed on walls of any material and shape without damaging the original wall structure. If combined with artificial light sources, plant walls can even be laid in fully enclosed spaces without natural light sources, such as underground parking lots.

2. Plant wall-urban cleaning system

The plant wall has a significant effect of improving air quality. Not only the leaves of plants, but also the roots of plants and all the microorganisms that depend on plants have the effect of purifying the air; on the surface of the substrate, the pollutant particles are separated from the air and slowly decomposed and mineralized, and finally become Fertilizer for plants. Therefore, on the surface of any building, the plant wall is an effective tool to improve air quality, increase air moisture and reduce urban pollution.

3. Plant wall-the natural air conditioning of the building

The plant wall can block a large amount of light and heat radiation. In summer, the internal temperature of the building can be reduced by 7-15 ℃, and in winter, the interior can be kept at a constant temperature. In addition, plants and substrates have a strong ability to absorb sound, and can consume a large amount of greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, and can also absorb thousands of air pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, sulfur dioxide, etc., effectively curbing the urban heat island effect.

As a choice of vertical greening and ecological architectural decoration, the plant wall advocates beauty and elegance, respects environmental protection and nature, and has both functionality and practicality. After this kind of wall is popularized, it is beautiful and environmentally friendly. Of course, it will also allow peeping Become an idyllic atmosphere, has been widely recognized in Europe. It has also received great attention in the United States and Japan. In mainland China, companies are also vigorously developing and researching plant wall technology. It is not only evergreen in all seasons, beautiful and elegant, and attractive, but it can also reduce the indoor area by 70% after use in buildings. Noise, keeping the indoor temperature constant for a long time, warm in winter and cool in summer, durable, easy to disassemble and replace, it can be called a model of creating the best living environment. Runchen plant wall is a small ecological system, it can choose the evergreen plants in all seasons according to the comprehensive conditions such as climate, temperature and humidity according to the needs of designers and customers, and build a living environment close to nature at any time where people want. .

Vigorously promote green plant walls in greening, so that more green walls can replace those reinforced concrete and masonry walls, which can make our city full of vitality and vitality.

4. Plant wall-matters needing attention

After several years of development in domestic plant wall technology, this greening method has gradually been accepted by people, but after all, it is a brand-new planting method, and many problems have gradually emerged. For example, there are many plant walls that are beautiful when they are first installed, but a large number of plants begin to die after two to three months.

This is all caused by immature technology or poor management. The reason is that the water circulation system is blocked, the plants are not using native species, the pH of the nutrient substrate is not suitable, and the planting technology is immature.

Make city walks cool: The plant wall can eliminate the reflection of the sun on the wall, so that people walking on the street will not be disturbed by the sun, and while feeling cool, they can also keep their eyes from being irradiated by strong light. Reduce wall temperature: The plant wall can reduce the wall temperature by as much as 15°C. Reducing the gases that cause the greenhouse effect: The use of plant walls can reduce the emissions of gases that cause the greenhouse effect. Because the use of plant walls can reduce the use of high-consumption appliances such as refrigerators and air conditioners.